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WinPDFEditor 2.0.4 Final + Keygen | 29.9MB
WinPDFEditor is PDF editing software which lets you convert and edit PDF documents such as adding text, insert images, remove unwanted content, make a line and rotate PDF pages. If you write text in a PDF, you can change the text font, size, color and move it to wherever you want on the page. After inserting the image into a PDF, you can resize the image and move it as well. If you find some words or images need to endure removed, simply use the eraser tool to erase. WinPDFEditor Better than other PDF Reader application, it tin permanently save changes to PDF content is edited in a PDF.
Add text to PDF 
You tin write text in addition to deed it to the PDF page . Allows y’all to gear upwards the text font , size in addition to color .

Remove PDF Content 

You tin operate the eraser tool to erase text or graphics that are non desirable . You tin also alter the job to brand a big eraser or smaller.

Rotate PDF 

Having the might to rotate PDF ninety , 180 in addition to 270 degrees for i page in addition to all the pages . So y’all tin rotate PDF pages to the right orientation.

Add Image to PDF 

You tin add together images to PDF in addition to resize . Supports well-nigh pop picture formats such every bit JPG , PNG , GIF , BMP in addition to TIF etc. It also makes transparent the master copy picture . You tin add together your signature picture into a PDF document.

Drawing shapes on the PDF

If y’all desire to annotate a PDF document , y’all may quest to depict a job or a foursquare frame unopen to the text . You tin operate the Line , Rectangle , Ellipse in addition to Pen to depict whatever shape y’all desire .

Add H2O to PDF

The Copy To All Pages Tool allows y’all to re-create the selected objects to each page inwards the PDF . You tin operate this constituent to create an picture that is inserted every bit a watermark to PDF documents .

Permanently Save PDF Modify 

Can salvage the edited content permanently to the master copy PDF document , in addition to also allows y’all to salvage content into a novel PDF file .

Convert PDF to Word in addition to Other Formats 

WinPDFEditor Converter tin convert PDF documents into editable formats such every bit WORD (Doc) , Text (Txt) , Image (JPG,TIF,BMP,GIF,PNG), web page (HTML) or Flash (SWF)
OS : Windows 7/Windows 8 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows

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