Webcam seven Pro Build 38987

By On Friday, October 20th, 2017 Categories : Software
Webcam vii Pro Build 38987 | 14MB
Webcam 7 PRO is a great software, it works with web cameras that will provide each user with quick access to the camera without installing special server software. All the necessary software is integrated directly into the Webcam 7 Pro, you just need to laid upwards some parameters such as the path to the directory and the local server port. In add-on to video images from webcams, you can use the video that is transmitted across the network.
  • Supports upwards to ten video / webcam
  • Blocking of ip address / password patronage
  • Add effects , fifty-fifty inwards conduct communication
  • Integrated chat
  • Send via FTP / FTPS
  • Send via HTTP / HTTPS
  • Multiple viewing options (Java / javascript / Flash- client)
  • Password / User Account Control
  • Changing the logo / off
  • Display of connected users
  • Remote direction ( via the network)
  • Configuring the cite as well as type of the page
  • Motion detection + alarm

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