Maxidix Wifi Suite 11.11.8 Build 71 Full Patch

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Maxidix Wifi Suite 11.11.8 Build 71
Maxidix Wifi Suite 11.11.8 Build 71 | 4.28MB
Maxidix Wifi Suite is a software that is easy to purpose and gives full command over WiFi connections and provides a laid upwards of useful extra features. 
Automatic connections to ad hoc networks.
Have 2 or more computers at home and desire to keep them connected to each other, then you have to use Wireless Access Point (WAP). Using Wifi Suite your reckoner volition be able to connect and form ad hoc networks automatically without the need to use WAP.
Accuracy of the information
Provide all available information about the WiFi network interface and network profiles. Network signal quality with percentage accuracy. More than 80 characteristics of WiFi connections, including characteristics of each radio station in each network.
Import and Export network profiles
You can export your WiFi profiles and salve them for farther use. You can backup and then restore access to the network after the OS is reinstalled.
Fast Connect
When Windows connects to a wireless network, the network requires information updates at to the lowest degree twice: before authentication and then after trying to make a connexion using the network key. Significantly increase the connexion time. Maxidix Wifi Suite uses a dissimilar algorithm: taking all the necessary information only once when network scanning. This enables Wifi Suite to connect the network up to 6 times faster, especially on a new network connection.
Network Statistics
Activity monitor and network monitor network connections provide information about all the processes that use WiFi and Internet traffic.
Allows to detect your current location using the information provided by the surrounding Wi-Fi networks. Wifi Suite gathers MAC addresses and yell for strength of nearby networks and detects your place using Google Geolocation Service, so you can start browsing from where you are.

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