Flash Secure Optimizer v2.4.11 Full Keygen

By On Friday, October 20th, 2017 Categories : Software
flash secure optimizer
Flash Secure Optimizer is a tool to protect the actionscript in the swf file, the tool uses the best technique to protect the name that identifies how to change swf file to extract meaningless characters so that the swf files can last optimized and secure from decompiler tools.

Renaming Identifier: Reading SWF file and retrieve all identification and renaming identifiers meaningless characters.
Actionscript Obscure: Protect your ActionScript code with a cover so decompilers can non retrieve the code from your SWF file.
Strings Encryption: Allows to lead a string in a SWF file and encrypt SWF files using a really secure encryption algorithm, and decrypt them when needed at runtime.
Encrypted Domain Locking: Protect SWF file played offline or on other websites. Specify a listing of domain names to the SWF file to last launched to lock applications and encrypted in a SWF file and volition exclusively be decrypted at runtime.
Redirect URL: If you play SWF files offline or on other websites, the user volition be redirected to this URL.
Message: If you play SWF files offline or on other websites, the message will show. (This characteristic is only supported by ActionScript 3)

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