FabulaTech Virtual Modem 2.1.1 Full Keygen

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FabulaTech Virtual Modem
FabulaTech Virtual Modem ii | 5.23MB
FabulaTech Virtual Modem is a software that tin grade the axe help you to connect the modem communications to interact via LAN or the Internet. Application “calling” remote IP address to make a direct-dial call using hardware modem.
Replace the modem hardware with a pure software.
This program enables modem communication to interact via LAN or the Internet.
There is no charge for telephone calls. Now you practice non have to pay for every telephone call (especially international calls).
Virtual Modem can be used anywhere.
Virtual Modem look together with function like real hardware modem.
Using virtual modems directly from virtual serial port or via TAPI.
Virtual Modem can answer TCP connections with other devices, including computers running copies of Virtual Modem.
Virtual Modem is compatible with fax software.
Virtual Modem works with IP Fax Machines.
Virtual modems can accept incoming calls” from other virtual modems.
Virtual Modem can call virtual modem remotely using the IP address (or calculator name) and TCPport is not a telephone number .
The main support AT command.
The main support for S-register.
Allows to switch to virtual modems from hardware modems. You can determine the telephone number corresponding to the IP address (or calculator name) and TCPport of remote virtual modems.

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