DAEMON Tools Ultra Multilingual

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DAEMON Tools Ultra Multilingual
DAEMON Tools Ultra Multilingual | 19MB
New Daemon Tools Ultra is the perfect solution to combine high functionality amongst a multifariousness of user-friendly interface.
– Mount disc images inwards MDX, * cdi, bin / cue * b6t b5t mds / * mdf, * ISO, *, *, * bwt, ccd *, **, * ……….. ape / * cue., flac *. / * Cue., *. NRG, *. isz 
– Convert all supported ikon formats for * mds mdf / *, * MDX, * iso …. 
– Create ikon from CD, DVD, Blu-ray 
– Make a compressed disc ikon or dissever the ikon to several files 
– Protect your disk ikon amongst a password
VHD support 
– Create too mountain read / write Virtual Hard Disk ikon amongst dynamic or fixed size 
– Use VHD images to dorsum upward your data 
– Have slowly access to your stored information inwards VHD files
Media devices virtualization
– Use “Quick Mount” selection to mountain too utilization upward to 32 disc images correct away
– Set upward to 32 SCSI too iv IDE virtual devices inwards advanced mode
iSCSI Initiator
– Work amongst iSCSI targets (optical devices only) created amongst DAEMON Tools Net Data Server or 3rd political party iSCSI servers
– Use DT virtual devices to mountain iSCSI targets every bit disc images
Advanced imaging features
– Create or edit disc images uncomplicated amongst novel widgets
– Burn created ikon files to media discs
– Burn disc images amongst RMPS data
– Master bootable discs or images
– Manage your Image Collection
New generation interface
– Try easy-to-use wizards for top dog programme functions
– Check out uncomplicated too clear pattern of Image Catalog
– Use “Quick Mount” selection to mountain disc images inwards 1 click
– Perform basic actions via handy DAEMON Tools Gadget on Windows Desktop

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